Success Stories

Sun Chase HVAC Upgrade

De Anza Properties, Ogden UT


100% Financed through TBL Fund

This 40-Unit building built in 1986 was ready for upgrades to a more energy efficient HVAC system. TBL Fund was able to provide 100% financing for this $228,000+ renovation project with a 5-year Fixed Rate loan. ICAST will be providing renovation services for this project.


  • Property is 20+ years old and requires replacement of resistance furnaces with new efficient HVAC units.
  • Community owner wanted to implement energy efficient upgrades
  • Project too small to interest standard financial institutions


  • Three De Anza properties signed up for funding through TBL Fund
  • Replacement of Heat Pumps, Roof Repairs, and upgraded 220 Breaker will be provided by ICAST.


  • $228,573.96 loan
  • Traditional 5-year loan with 100% financing through TBL Fund


Social Impact

  • Improved health and safety for approximately 40 low-income households
  • Local Job Creation and Workforce Development

Economic Impact

  • Increased affordability of Housing
    • $522,190 Lifetime Utility cost savings

Environmental Impact

  • 551,860.57 lbsof Carbon Emissions reduced over a lifetime
  • 299,958 kWh annual savings
  • Equivalent to 6,420 Annual Trees planted