ICAST Wins ‘Agency of the Year’ Award from the Utah Housing Coalition

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ICAST (International Center for Appropriate and Sustainable Technology) a 501(c)(3) nonprofit is honored to receive the ‘Agency of the Year’ award, presented at the Annual Utah Housing Coalition meeting, held in Salt Lake City on Dec. 5, 2018.

This award recognizes a non-profit, for-profit, or local government agency that makes significant contributions to the community through their leadership and innovations in serving people in unique and/or different ways, going above and beyond what is normal for the agency (out of the box), equitable treatment of their employees, involvement in the community and a marked spirit of volunteerism.

In 2017, ICAST partnered with Rocky Mountain Power and Dominion Energy to manage their multifamily demand side management (DSM) programs within the state of Utah. ICAST’s DSM program is unique in that it specifically targets the affordable housing properties in the multifamily housing market.

Utah Housing Coalition (UHC), the premier membership association for the affordable housing community in Utah, presented the award to ICAST for its instrumental work with the two largest utilities in Utah to launch this new program for MF affordable housing in 2018. Tara Rollins, Executive Director of the UHC, had this to say, “I have seen the ICAST team work tirelessly to build a network with the Utah affordable housing community and go above and beyond by pushing for policy issues that will benefit low-income Utah residents.”

Rocky Mountain Power’s wattsmart and Dominion Energy’s ThermWise multifamily programs (which are both managed by ICAST) offer monetary incentives for energy-efficiency upgrades in existing MF properties and new construction. Energy upgrades result in tenants not only having lower utility bills, but also improved health outcomes and increased comfort and safety in their homes.

“This is truly an honor for ICAST and our staff”, said Ravi Malhotra, ICAST’s founder and President. “I want to thank the Utah Housing Coalition for their continued support of ICAST and its mission to provide economic, environmental, and social benefits to communities.”

Multifamily affordable housing properties are a neglected segment of the housing market when it comes to access to energy efficiency and renewable energy services. There is a large portion of the low-income community that cannot take advantage of clean technology. The multifamily housing segment is particularly challenged due to a host of reasons including the ‘split-incentive’ i.e. owners have to pay for the upgrades while tenants reap the benefit of lower utility bills. ICAST provides a simple, direct solution to multifamily properties by taking care of all the necessary steps within its turn-key service model. Doing so, gives affordable housing tenants the opportunity to participate in the program and benefit their personal bottom-line with reduced utility costs, live in a healthier, safer and more comfortable home, plus positively impact the environment with lower emissions from reduced fossil fuel consumption. Since the start of its DSM program in Utah in January 2018, ICAST has served over 1900 households.

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