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What is a bridge loan?

A Bridge Loan is a loan secured by expected rebates, incentives, and tax credits. Bridge Loans are offered to MFAH and Indigenous Communities by TBL Fund to cover the capital expenses, so that owners can take advantage of all green energy incentives before they are gone.

Why is a Bridge Loan the best option?

We all know there is a once in a lifetime opportunity to access investment tax credits and multiple IRA grants for Solar and Energy Efficiency installations and upgrades. But those funds won't be available forever. Incentives and grants are issued AFTER the project installation has been completed and validated. If you don't act quickly the funds may run out! This creates a need for a bridge loan so that you can act NOW to implement your projects with the available incentives.

Why finance with TBL Fund?

TBL Fund offers flexibility for your scope of work. We offer an easy process, quick processing, and a competitive rate with low-fees. Our focus is assisting multi-family affordable housing and indigenous communities with their Green projects. We are the experts in finding the best blend of finance options for each project to keep your out-of-pocket expense to a minimum.

Bridge Loan Terms:

      • 6 to 36 month Loan Terms
      • Competitively priced¬†
      • Technical Assistance provided on project scope
      • Technical Assistance provided to determine all eligible rebates, tax credits, and incentives

It's easy to apply, renovate, and repay!

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    Schedule a consultation with our customer solution specialists to review the details of your project and get your application started! We'll even help you find all the incentives, rebates, and credits your project will qualify for, ensuring you the lowest out-of-pocket expense.

  • Repayment is simple!

    After you receive all of your rebates, incentives, and tax credits you should be able to repay your Bridge Loan.

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