All you need to know about Impact Investing

TBL Fund is a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) that provides development services and financial products for the preservation of multifamily affordable housing (MFAH) properties via clean energy improvements, and for economic development through clean energy projects for Indigenous and Low-Income Communities. TBL Fund is the thought leader in green impact investments.

What Is Impact Investment?

Impact investing seeks to create positive social and environmental benefits while also generating financial returns. Impact investing differs from pure philanthropy, which does not expect financial returns, or from simple investing where the focus is solely on maximizing financial returns and from socially responsible investing, which places more weight on financial performance. When investing with TBL fund you will make a Triple Bottom Line Impact by creating social, economic, and environmental benefits.

Maximize the impact of your investment dollar.

Investing in people
Preserves affordable multifamily housing (MFAH) for its low-income tenants and help disadvantaged communities (DAC) through investments in green and clean energy products.  Creating local jobs via the investments in green solutions.

Solutions towards a better environment
Implements sustainable solutions that reduce energy and water wastage and/or produce clean energy locally, thus reducing pollution and carbon emissions.

A lasting economic impact
Provides savings on utility bills and health care costs for low income populations and/or generating income for disadvantaged communities.

When upgrading multi-family affordable housing, and developing clean energy projects in disadvantaged communities, investments in TBL Fund improve the lives of fixed-income seniors, disabled individuals, low-income families, veterans, and other underserved households.

Investments in clean energy are one of the most effective ways to reduce carbon emissions and pollution from energy use.

Triple Bottom Line Returns:
By The Numbers

TBL Fund investments are leveraged to preserve affordable housing and implement sustainable solutions in disadvantaged communities.  Based on standard EPA protocols, a $1 Million investment typically provides savings of...

0 tons
Carbon Emissions
0 lbs
SOx Emmisions
0 lbs
NOx Emissions
0 Million
Gallons of Water