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TBL Fund provides customized financing products and technical assistance for green upgrades at multifamily affordable housing and Indigenous communities via innovative solutions and exceptional customer service that create value for both investors and customers.

The Problem

Home affordability not only includes rent, but also utility bills, health care and transportation costs. Low-Income (LI) tenants living in multifamily affordable housing (MFAH), pay 4x what an average household pays for their utility and health care costs, as a percent of their income. The 2nd largest cause of homelessness is the inability to pay utility bills. MFAH stock is typically older, inefficient, and unhealthy, as compared to market rate properties.

Our Solution

TBL Fund offers customized financing products designed to help owners of MFAH properties retrofit existing buildings with upgrades to improve the building’s energy efficiency, and healthy, safety, and comfort for its residents. Green retrofits can reduce the operational costs, and tenant turnovers, while increasing occupancy rates, leading to better net operating income (NOI). TBL Fund uses a blend of rebates, incentives, and financing to create the best solution for each of our customer.