Success Stories

Utah Rentals Energy Efficiency Retrofit

Salt Lake City, UT


$100,000 7-year Term Loan

Utah Rentals is working with TBL Fund and ICAST on several property energy efficiency retrofits starting with two builds at 1124-1126 E100 S. The buildings had gas furnaces and AC systems that were over 20 years old and in need of replacing. TBL Fund provided a $100,000 7-year term loan to help cover the costs of renovations.


  • 20+ year old HVAC systems were inefficent and costly
  • Community owner wanted to implement energy efficent upgrades
  • Projects were too small to interest mainstream institutions


  • Energy Efficiency Retrofit for 2 buildings, 8 Units total
  • Replaced manual in unit thermostats with programmable models.
  • Replaced 20+ year old HVAC systems
  • Installed ductless heat pumps
  • Removed gas furnaces and capped gas lines


  • $100,000 Financed
  • 7-year traditional term loan
  • Funded through TBL Fund and by Investors


Social Impact

  • Improved health and safety for 8 low-income households
  • 2 local jobs created

Economic Impact

  • Increased affordability of housing
  • $110,498 lifetime utility cost savings

Environmental Impact

  • 116,776 lbs of Carbon Emissions reduced annually
  • 63,472 kWh saved annually
  • Equivalent of 1,358 trees planted annually